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GKpb – GameKiller Public Bypass
GKpb – GameKiller Public Bypass (MapleStory and HackShield CRC) GKpb is a limited dynamic bypass for MapleStory and HackShield. GKpb only disables CRC protections of both MapleStory and HackShield. It will not enable you to use external programs like Cheat Engine. GKpb has been designed to by dynamic and automatically adjust itself to work with future versions of the MapleStory game client (this is not, however, guaranteed).

6 Injector Pack (PerX, NSY, hInjector, FaithInject, BlackDragonInject, bInject)
Hello this Injector Pack is for all the people who say "O i tried your hack but it didnt work should i use another Injector and where do i get it? Well i have your solution! This is my Injector Pack with up to 6 different Injectors!