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Flameswor10 Menu v4.6
NX Chams: Lets you see enemies through walls No Spread & No Recoil: Allows you to shoot your gun without it moving. Your bullets also fly straight where the crosshair is shooting. (Works with Shotgun and Sniper Sway + Spread) xHair & oHair: Shows a crosshair or a circlehair and more...

Walking 1.7 Sem DC
Ae galera to postando o wlaking 1.7… bom o esp box esta funcionando pefeitamente o unico bug dele é que as vezes o box sai do lugar mas se voce estiver longe funciona perfeitamente… OBS:Retirei o packer

[AnimeArts] Combat Arms VIP Multi Tool
Hey its AnimeArts here and i decided that id release my private VIP Multi Tool! Now this is Private so its user,pass protected but ill only give info to mpgh so other sites if they leech this cant get on cause they dont know info.

Walking 1.5 Sem DC
Desculpe o tamanho do hacker(1.7 MB)… usei um packer para evitar malandrinhos que usam engenharia reversa… nao é

Flameswor10 v4.3 Menu Public Hack Simplistic
Welcome to Flameswor10 Menu [v4.3] I’ve decided to get rid of Chams and ESP for this update as it was causing some problems with compatibility. Don’t worry, I’ll put it back in later (ESP wasn’t showing)

Walking 1.3 No DC
Walking 1.3 No DC - combat arms hack

CA EU Easy Hotkey Hack
Step 1: Inject the dll while Hackshield is loading Step 2: Press insert before logging in at the login screen Step 3: Join a game and activate the rest of the hacks Step 4: After finishing/leaving a game, deactivate Norecoil & Superbullets Note, sometimes CA d/c while loading, when this happens just try again, it will work eventually

Black Cipher 4 [5.28.2011]
choose your own key to activate aimbot choose to shoot at body or head to fire or not to fire aim through walls

ProFire v3.1 by CAFlames
This is my next version of ProFire Hacks. The features are below. Insert is hotkey, arrows control menu, IJKL are for ghostmode, DELETE + Arrows are for glitcher, and X is for telekill.

Blast Hack: Revival
WARNING : This hack is has not been tested fully, the all indications say that is should work at some extent. This is release for testing.

B [r] A Menu 4.1 (Fuciona) Sem DC
B [r] A Menu 4.1 (Fuciona) Sem DC updated 5.25.2011

PV M4A1 Original DTX Pack (Mod)
Ok guys so before CF will be patched, I extracted all textures/models from Rez files using hex editor P.S This was the most anoying/long part of Rez extracting !

B [r] A Menu 4.0 Sem DC
Bom galera ta ai a 4.0, eu atializei IMPORTANTE Enquanto voce estiver jogando nao minimize o jogo, nao abra msn e nao aperte o botao “iniciar” DO TECLADO, vou ver como resolver esse erro

Dubly v1.0
Press Insert to open up menu then it is operated by arrow keys also hack only turn on in game

DarK VadeR Public Hack
Acho que vou parar de fazer hackers então fiz uma versão com tele-kill para os nobs usar (inclusive nesses nobs eu

Flameswor10 Menu [v4.2] ESP
Welcome to Flameswor10 Menu [v4.2] I’ve decided to get rid of Chams for this update as it was causing some problems with compatibility. Don’t worry, I’ll put it back in later I’ve decided to add a buggy ESP and “AIRSTRIKEZOR” instead. A massive shoutout to Tim. I love you man, I’ll miss you heaps dude.

JA v1.4.5 (Only CA NA)
CA NA ONLY NOT CA EU OR CA BR To use aimbot, turn it on and press the middle mouse button or Alt You may be ja’ing yourself, what the ja is JAimbot ? Well let me ja you, fuck intros lets jst do the ja.

Black Cipher v4
This is just a beta test for the BC4 injector.

JA Aimbot v1.3.5 [Updated 5.19.2011]

SMInjector (CA EU And NA)
Combat Arms SMInjector EU And NA – Dll dosyaları icin Gerekli İnjecktör I made an injector for Combat Arms(EU & NA), WarRock and all other games.

PhoeniX CA AFK Bot v1.2
Combat Arms PhoeniX CA AFK Bot Version 1.2=

Afk Bot (CA Europe)
Hi all this is not my release, it’s a metalen666 release, it’s his work, i just just did some changes to work again in CA Europe.